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EASy - Career Prescription

Career Prescription (CareeRx) is an automated software tool that creates employee performance plans with a click of a button. CareeRx accurately identifies the development needs of both new and current employees and generates a personalized performance plan for each individual. Compared to traditional performance management tools, CareeRx provides an objective needs assessment for a fraction of the cost.

The simple fact is that employees advance faster and remain longer in organizations that invest in their personal growth and career development. With CareeRx, you have the tools you need to maximize employee talent and retain your best personnel at all levels.

Key Benefits
  • Based on a validated assessment of job skills
  • Provides immediate access to training needs
  • Automatically generates personalized performance plans
  • Guides supervisors toward effective employee coaching
  • Places strategic learning at employees’ fingertips
  • Maximizes current training and development resources
  • Increases employee motivation, performance, and retention

How Does CareeRx Work?

Step 1: Identifies performance needs
Each employee's career prescription begins with an EASy Simulation to assess critical job skills. EASy Simulations are available for a variety of jobs and accurately diagnose performance needs in about an hour.

Step 2: Links performance needs to specific learning activities
Following the EASy Simulation, CareeRx links the performance needs of each employee to specific learning activities available within your organization. These activities can range from formal classroom training to informal, on-the-job development opportunities.

Step 3: Generates a personalized performance plan for each employee
Within minutes, CareeRx creates an objective performance plan for each employee. CareeRx prescribes development activities specific to the needs of each individual and provides a clear plan for skills and career development.

Is CareeRx Easy to Implement?

Yes! CareeRx gives you complete flexibility in implementing your organization's performance management program. Each CareeRx system includes on-the-job development activities that can be implemented on day one. The software is also easy to customize to include specific training and development resources available within your organization. The user-friendly CareeRx software includes a template for organizing development activities by key job skills. The program can be modified at any time to accommodate changing development strategies. Once your organization's CareeRx plan is in place, you can generate individual performance plans within minutes.

Available for a Variety of Jobs

Employment Technologies has developed a CareeRx system to complement each EASy Simulation. CareeRx is available for the following jobs:

  • Call center agents
  • Collection agents
  • Bank tellers
  • Financial salespeople
  • Customer service providers
  • Team leaders
  • Entry-level professionals
  • First-line supervisors
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