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    Call Center Simulation is a web-delivered assessment that measures the key skills required for call center agent success. This award-winning simulation gives applicants an opportunity to "test-drive" the call center agent job and to experience what it's like to operate a call center workstation. As part of the simulation, applicants handle a series of inbound calls from a variety of customers with real-life issues. These customers vary in attitude and demeanor; some customers are irate, others are confused, while others are calm. Applicants are required to answer customer calls, enter customer information, listen to customer issues, look up relevant information, identify effective responses, and summarize calls. Applicants must also demonstrate basic keyboard and navigation skills. Through this process, the simulation gives applicants a realistic preview of the call center agent job and gives you a realistic preview of the applicant.

    Key Benefits
    • Unique question format gathers more data in less time
    • Provides comprehensive results in less than an hour
    • Reduces employee turnover
    • Accurately predicts job performance
    • Targets individual and group training needs
    • Supports both onsite and remote testing
    • Provides a consistent, fair, and legally-defensible process
    • Consistently ranked Best-in-Class by independent consulting firms

    Skills Measured

    Call Center Simulation measures seven critical skills required for high levels of performance in the call center agent position. These skills are:

    • Ability to Learn and Apply Procedures
    • Developing Customer Rapport
    • Discovering Customer Needs
    • Problem Solving and Responding to Customer Needs
    • Sales Orientation
    • Teamwork
    • Multi-Tasking

    No special training is needed to administer and score Call Center Simulation. Call Center Simulation automatically provides applicants with all of the information they need to complete the simulation. The simulation begins with a realistic preview of the agent job, followed by assessment instructions and a practice opportunity. Applicants then have 45 minutes to complete the assessment. Once the applicant is finished, Call Center Simulation provides immediate, 24/7 access to comprehensive, easy-to-interpret results via the EASy Datacenter. These results provide a prediction of each applicant's potential for success as well as valuable feedback on skill strengths and developmental needs. Employment Technologies' exclusive Career Prescription (CareeRx®) feature also lets you generate an objective, personalized performance plan for each participant based upon his or her specific assessment results.

    Target Organizations
    • Call Centers
    • Contact Centers
    Target Jobs
    • Call Center Agents
    • Customer Service Representatives
    • Reservation Agents
    EASy Hiring Solution

    Call Center Simulation is a key component of Employment Technologies' EASy Hiring Solution for call center agents. The EASy Hiring Solution provides a complete system for hiring and developing top performing agents. This integrated system can also include:

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