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    EASy Simulation
    Teller Vision Simulation


    EASy Simulation Teller Vision Simulation is a web-delivered simulation that realistically depicts a typical day in the life of a teller and accurately predicts future job performance. Teller Vision lets applicants "test-drive" the teller job and experience what it's like to interact with customers and perform banking transactions. As part of the simulation, applicants handle a series of customer transactions. The demeanor and attitude of each customer varies, as does the complexity of each transaction. During the simulation, applicants are required to learn and apply bank policies and procedures, interact with customers, review documents (e.g., deposit slips, checks, IDs), complete data entry screens, count and dispense cash (using a virtual cash drawer), answer questions, and recommend bank products and services. Applicants must be able to demonstrate basic keyboard and navigation skills as well as the ability to identify effective responses for each question.

    Key Benefits

    With Teller Vision, you can quickly and accurately identify top performers who will:

    • Provide superior customer service
    • Generate more sales referrals
    • Stay in balance
    • Make fewer errors
    • Remain on the job longer
    • Exceed customer expectations
    • Improve bottom-line results

    Skills Measured

    Teller Vision measures five critical skills required for high levels of performance in the teller position. These skills are:

    • Customer Focus
    • Sales Focus
    • Ability to Learn and Apply Procedures
    • Attention to Detail
    • Cash Handling/Balancing

    No special training is needed to administer and score Teller Vision. Teller Vision automatically provides applicants with all of the information they need to complete the simulation, including a realistic preview of the teller job, complete assessment instructions, and a practice opportunity. Applicants then have 45 minutes to complete the assessment. Once the applicant is finished, Teller Vision provides immediate, 24/7 access to comprehensive, easy-to-interpret results via the EASy Datacenter. These results provide a prediction of each applicant's potential for success as well as valuable feedback on skill strengths and developmental needs. Employment Technologies' exclusive Career Prescription (CareeRx) option automatically creates an objective, personalized performance plan for each participant based upon his or her specific assessment results.

    Target Organizations
    • Banks
    • Credit unions
    • Financial services organizations
    Target Jobs
    • Tellers
    • In-store bankers
    EASy Hiring Solution

    Teller Vision is the key component of Employment Technologies' EASy Hiring Solution for teller selection. The EASy Hiring Solution provides a complete system for hiring and developing top performing tellers. This integrated system can also include:

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