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EASy Simulation
Virtual Customer Simulation New!

How It Works

This highly engaging online simulation immerses applicants in the customer service role, letting them interact with a variety of customers in a wide range of settings. With the Virtual Customer, applicants perform actual job tasks and prove their ability to establish rapport with customers, actively listen to determine customer needs, deal with angry customers, resolve customer issues, promote products and services, and build strong customer relationships. Comprehensive results are available immediately following the assessment. These results provide a prediction of each applicant's potential for success as well as valuable feedback on skill strengths and development needs.

With the Virtual Customer you will hire and develop outstanding employees who perform better, stay on the job longer, and keep your customers coming back!

Why It’s Better
  • More Engaging – No boring tests here! The highly interactive Virtual Customer Simulation creates a virtual world where applicants experience first hand what it’s like to be a customer service provider.
  • More Objective – The Virtual Customer provides a direct measure of performance. There’s no faking or cheating on a simulation—the performance is real and the results are real.
  • More Accurate – The Virtual Customer gathers 3-5 times more data than traditional tests, making the simulation more accurate and reliable.
  • More Convenient – The online simulation gives you the flexibility of on-site or remote administration. The user-friendly EASy Datacenter dashboard provides instant, 24/7 access to results.
  • More Valid – Over 50 studies confirm that EASy Simulations result in higher accuracy, more favorable applicant perceptions, improved business results, and less adverse impact than traditional tests.

What It Measures
  • Friendliness
    Displaying courteous, approachable, and considerate demeanor while interacting with customers.
  • Conscientiousness
    Displaying consistent work ethic and dependability in order to fulfill all job-related obligations.
  • Problem Solving
    Generating and recommending creative and effective solutions to customer problems in order to resolve customer issues on the first attempt.
EASy Hiring Solution

The Virtual Customer is the key component of Employment Technologies' EASy Hiring Solution for customer service providers. This integrated system can also include:

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